Fraser McKenzie

Fraser is a very well known Backyard Bee Keeper who started out 24 years ago with a handful of hives and now manages 125!

Backyard Beekeeping workshops with Fraser are 3 times per year or by the Bee season... February is Honey Harvest, November for Backyard Beekeeping for BeeGinners and April for Winter Packdown.

Fraser McKenzie is a registered Beekeeper with 25 years experience...

Watch this space for future dates or call Tina for more insight 0487238624


These workshops are a hands-on experience with the Honey Bees. Opening and inspecting hives and removing capped frames of honey, then uncapping the frames and extracting the honey, using tools and extractor.  Fraser demonstrates how to leave enough resources for the Bees so they can continue to build and prosper their hives. 


It's practically winter & hopefully your hive has given you enough honey to hold you over to next spring.  As April approaches it's time to prepare your hives so they will make it through winter in a strong & healthy condition. This is a critical time to prepare your hives for the cooler months & if the right steps aren't taken, you may leave your hive vulnerable to pests & the bees without enough food. Hives are often lost over winter & the usual reason is the lack of food. Learn how to Pack Down for Winter.


Discover the basics of Backyard Bee Keeping with Fraser, a local beekeeper for the past 25 years, who started out with 4 hives and now runs an impressive 125 hives. Sustainable Backyard Bee Keeping for Bee-ginners.  Sustainable Backyard Bee Keeping includes setting up for Bee Keeping, handling bees, harvesting techniques and honey appreciation.