Nature's Way Eco Sanctuary Opens The Door to Sustainable Living.


NWESNature’s Way Eco Sanctuary is situated on 6 organic acres in Rosebrook near the coastal town of Port Fairy in South West Victoria and boasts a magnificent straw bale, eco-friendly, fully self-sustaining house and gardens.

This inspirational house of straw took the owner/builders 5 years and 746 bales to complete. The house and property is off-grid and powered by 12KW of solar panels.
The electrical power is supplied by a Photovoltaic energy system which consists of 52 PV panels feeding 3 x 4KW inverters, which then supplies the house, the heat pump for the generation of hot water for the hydronic floor heating system and to charge a “Holden Volt” electric car. There is a 48 volt 900 amp hour battery bank for providing power at night.

Eco-friendly products and materials have been used throughout the house including plant-based paints & finishes that have been sourced locally.

Energy consumption is minimised by living in a well-insulated straw bale house oriented to True North with no windows on the western end and small windows to the east to create the desired ambience.  Each room has cross-ventilation for passive cooling if required in the summer and winter heating is achieved by circulating hot water through the hydronic coils in the floor.

Water is harvested from a large roof area and stored in 2 x 22,000-litre tanks and supplies the house via a pressure pump system. There is no town water supply. Hot water for domestic use is generated by a roof-mounted evacuated tube solar hot water system.

2018 Moyne Environmental Sustainability Award
Award Winner 2018  

The house has all the normal modern conveniences such as a vertical fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machines, 65” TV and computers for a very comfortable lifestyle. Cooking is achieved with a gas range which consumes 2 x 45Kg gas bottles per year.

Nature’s Way Eco Sanctuary is home to Merlin and friends, the Alpacas, who are the guardians for the Boar goats.  The girls supply us with plenty of eggs.  The Bees are busy producing honey & pollinating our organic orchard & chemical free gardens. 

raised gardensOur Self-sufficient practices include: raised bed vegetable gardens, a fruit tree orchard, which is irrigated by the AA Worm Farm, free-range chickens (which are housed in the fox proof mobile “chicken caravan”) and the rotational grazing of a small herd of boar goats for chemical-free meat production and honey bees for pollination and supply of honey.

The purpose of NWES is to demonstrate a more sustainable way of living by minimising the consumption of yesterday’s sunshine and yet still enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

We employ natural and organic principles in our own daily lives and provide opportunities for people to learn skills and gain confidence to make positive changes that will enhance their lifestyle.





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Please join us for this inspirational tour:

Our tour consists of the straw bale house, battery room, our organic gardens and grounds with lots of time for question and answer. (Click on the image on the right to view our Inspirational Tour brochure.)


Sustainable Living Tours commencing at 10am and 2pm October 2019

October to April - Sundays and Mondays only 10am & 2pm

Adults $15 per person
Senior card holders $12
Children over 12 $8 

03 5568 1240 or 0487 238 624
Groups welcome by Appointment.

Please take away one of our ideas and apply it to your way of living so as to reduce domestic energy consumption.


"The Greatest Threat To Our Planet Is The Belief That
Someone Else
Will Save It"

Robert Swan